Legal InSites Gives Back: American Rescue Workers

Legal InSites Gives Back: American Rescue Workers

The citizens and businesses of Williamsport are no strangers to helping those in need. Our community has numerous organizations dedicated to reaching out to people in times of distress. One of those organizations is the American Rescue Workers. While many of us probably recognize the ARW because their trucks pick up our yard sale leftovers each summer, the impact the organization has on our community is both positive and inspiring.

American Rescue Workers (ARW) has been making a positive impact on communities since 1884. They are a nonprofit religious organization, and they also act as one of our local churches. The Williamsport American Rescue Worker’s branch is part of the national organization whose headquarters is also located in our city! Their mission is simple yet comprehensive: “To give spiritual and material aid to those in need.”

The Williamsport ARW branch opened its doors in 1934. They strive to provide individuals in need with righteous uplifting and emergency assistance. That emergency assistance comes in a variety of forms. Their business and outreach center, located on Elmira Street, includes their business offices, a men’s work therapy program and shelter, a transient shelter, their distribution warehouse, and a thrift store.

Their shelter programs give individuals the opportunity to get back on their feet, learn new job-worthy skills, and work towards self-sufficiency. Many of the men in the work rehabilitation program work onsite to assist with all the donations the organization receives. These donations are delivered to the distribution warehouse, where they are sorted. Many of the donations end up in the nine ARW thrift stores that are scattered across our county.

As you may know, Legal InSites sold baseball collector pins this summer to benefit the American Rescue Workers. Our team stopped by to deliver the proceeds we collected. We were offered a tour of the facility, and we were blown away. The work the employees, volunteers, and residents do on a daily basis benefits our community in so many ways.

“We were able to raise an incredible $1,230 for the ARW this year by selling our first annual baseball collector pins during the duration of the Little League World Series. The pin-collecting community really stepped up and is wonderful group of people from around the world. We couldn’t have raised this money without their support and generosity. The ARW is an amazing organization that is a necessity to our community. We need them, and we need to support them. We’re already planning and discussing ways in which we can help them next.” – Ryan Raplee, Legal InSites Co-founder & CEO

ARW Check Hand-off

While the distribution center with its countless donations was an incredible thing to see, it’s clear the kitchen is the heart of the organization. No matter who we are or what our circumstances look like, we all need and deserve to eat. The ARW serves three meals a day, 365 days a year, to hundreds of people of all ages. The organization is currently working towards a complete renovation and expansion of their kitchen to continue to meet the needs of those who need it the most. Our donations will contribute to the completion of this project.

The ARW’s contributions do not stop there. To learn more about how this organization functions as an invaluable part of our community, visit their site.