Legal Content Writing

It’s our job at GAVL to know best practices for increasing the visibility of your website and any other content we produce on your behalf. That’s why each member of our online marketing team divides their time between attending professional advancement workshops where they continue to finesse their craft and actually carrying out their legal writing tasks. We see that investment of time in learning as critical to upholding our commitment to our law firm clients to grow their digital footprint.

Staying on top of the latest SEO best practices isn’t the only thing we must do, though. We also pay close attention to shifts in ethical obligations attorneys have when advertising their services. We take caution to minimize the potential legal exposure of our law firm clients when performing content marketing on their behalf.

When it comes to the terminology “legal content writing,” we’ve learned that people can interpret it in different ways. Below, we’ll share more about the legal content services we offer here at GAVL so that you can better contextualize how our efforts may be of benefit to you and your firm in one of the many different legal practice areas we service, including bankruptcy, employment, personal injury, criminal defense, or family law.

What Is the Legal Content Writing Process at GAVL?

Drafting text that ends up on a law firm’s website or on one of its social media accounts involves a lot more than aimlessly typing up words about legal topics. Instead, there must be a content strategy. It starts with topic ideation whereby we:

  • Take your practice area into consideration and generate topic ideas
  • Perform keyword research to see what terms or phrases perform well in search engines

We only commence law firm web content, practice area page, or legal blog writing once we’re satisfied that a keyword phrase has viability in search engines, meaning there’s a strong chance of it appealing to your target audience while also ranking well.

By the time a professional legal content writer on our team commences writing, we’re confident that the subject matter should perform well among your intended audience. So, our goal is then to shift our focus to ensuring the landing pages, blog posts, video scripts, newsletters, and social media content we create is the perfect balance of being informative and keyword rich.

Our goal is to not produce content that’s too sales-y, but instead features convincing social proof through bold call-to-action statements that convince prospective clients that you’re the right lawyer to competently shepherd their case through the legal system. Success happens when your law firm website readers can take in the quality legal content shared on your site, apply it to their own situation, heed your advice, and reach out for help. That final step is what content marketing professionals refer to as a reader taking a desired action, or a conversion.

What Types of Legal Content Writing Do You Offer at GAVL?

Now that we’ve shared what our GAVL content creation process looks like, let’s take a closer look at the types of content we produce. A body of work includes:

  • Law firm website content, including blog posts
  • Social media channel content writing
  • Google Business Profile (once known as Google My Business) writing

We even write content video scripts, press releases for distribution through digital and print channels, newsletters, and guest content posts on behalf of our attorney and law firm clients.

Below, we’ll elaborate on the different types of content we produce for our clients to give you a more comprehensive picture of our legal content services at GAVL.

Law Firm Website Content We Offer at GAVL

This is quite a broad category that can encompass more than just practice pages and blog posts, as hinted at above. It may also include other web content.

Key types of content that you’ll often find on most law firm websites include:

Web Content

This is a bit of a catch-all phrase used to describe any text you see on a law firm website outside of the blog. It may include:

  • An “about us” and/or attorney biography pages
  • Practice area pages, which define the specific legal areas your firm handles and serve as the main landing pages for organic search traffic which can translate directly into client leads
  • Results or settlements pages
  • Past client testimonials
  • Community involvement pages
  • Client resource pages
  • Any other informational content that shares what distinguishes your law firm or showcases your knowledge of the practice areas and nuances within it (like changes in federal, state, or municipal codes)

Legal Blog

Your law firm blog is where attorneys often display the breadth of their knowledge in their practice area by covering niche blog post topics within it that may resonate with a situation a prospective client is going through. A blog may also highlight community and firm news, including awards lawyers in the office have won, their community involvement, or the addition of a new partner.

Google Business Profile Listing Services Our GAVL Legal Marketing Agency Offers

The completeness, accuracy (up-to-datedness), and a brand’s active engagement on its Google Business Profile impact website rankings. Additionally, potential clients spend a great deal of time looking at reviews to see what others’ experiences are with your firm.

One of the first tasks our legal content writers undertake in our support of your law firm is taking time to make sure your Google Business Profile is filled in completely and properly locally optimized.

Also, since continual postings are tied to your company’s search engine performance, part of the content marketing services we offer includes maintaining an active Google Business Profile by making regular posts to it.

Legal Content Services for Social Media Accounts Offered by GAVL

We maintain your law firm’s presence on a wide range of platforms, which may include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • TikTok

As you may be aware, each of these social media platforms appeals to a different demographic, and thus, different types of content are more appealing to some compared to others, depending on the platform used. Most social media platforms have their own algorithms for how content makes it in front of prospective clients, and we use our knowledge about all of that when sharing content on your law firm’s behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions We Receive About Our GAVL Content Writing Services

As you might imagine, prospective law firm clients have many questions when it comes to turning over their legal content writing to someone else. Here are some answers to questions you may have about us and our writing team:

Who are your GAVL legal content writers?

Our GAVL legal content writing team is 100% comprised of professional, in-house writers who are based in the U.S. and are native English speakers. They have extensive practical law firm experience in the specific practice areas we service. They have formal educational and practical marketing and writing experience.

In addition to their legal training and practical work experience, each of our legal content writing professionals has SEO expertise. They regularly participate in continuing education workshops and stay up-to-date on professional literature regarding SEO best practices to ensure they implement the best strategies for building your firm’s digital footprint, as it is necessary for lead generation.

What is your quality assurance process for the content your web, social media, and legal blog writers produce?

In addition to their own practical experience working in the legal field, our legal content writers are managed by a team of SEO and editing professionals and licensed attorneys. Each piece of content our writers produce is carefully scrutinized on multiple levels for the following before being published to our law firm clients’ public-facing platforms, including their websites, Google Business Profiles, and social media accounts:

  • Factual accuracy, including ensuring it aligns with appropriate statutes.
  • Implementation of SEO best practices across all content written for optimal ranking potential—even as far as title and header tags and meta descriptions are involved.
  • Elimination of any potential typos and use of proper syntax, word choice, and grammar.

Is it my responsibility to tell you what to write about?

While we are open to receiving any content ideas you may have, we certainly don’t expect you to offer them up, as we know your main focus is on assisting your clients.

Our onboarding process involves us gaining a clear understanding of the types of cases your law firm most wants to attract. As suggested above, the topics we select and propose to you for your firm’s approval aren’t selected in a vacuum. We tailor the content we produce on your behalf to align with the information our research and experience show your prospective clients are counting on finding to feel confident in selecting your firm to represent them.

Does GAVL offer white-labeled legal content?

We produce white label content, meaning although you utilize the services of our agency to devise and implement your law firm marketing strategy, including writing content, generating accompanying images, graphics, videos, and posting content, you and your firm wholly maintain the right to approve any information that gets disseminated and retain ownership of anything we produce for you on your behalf.

What types of law firms do you work with?

Our portfolio of clients ranges from solo practitioners with a single office up to multi-lawyer practices with multiple offices spread across several states. We also support law firms involved in mass torts litigation cases, meaning their legal practice has a nationwide reach.

Here at GAVL, our legal marketing team has long served attorneys and law firms representing clients in the following practice areas:

  • Personal injury
  • Criminal law
  • Employment law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Family law

We’ve had the pleasure of working with law firms spanning the entire U.S. during our company’s tenure. Although our headquarters are in Pennsylvania, we have clients here in the same and neighboring states, then geographically distributed across our country in Maryland, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, California, Nevada, parts of the Pacific Northwest, and Hawaii, to mention some of the many markets we serve.

Do I need to promote the legal content writing GAVL produces for my law firm?

Here at GAVL, we’re a full-service marketing agency.

You’re busy running your law practice. That’s enough of a job in itself. You shouldn’t have to wear multiple hats, but instead, do what you do best—being a lawyer.

And on the flip side of the coin, our specialty at GAVL is legal marketing. We stay up to date on all the marketing trends and devise innovative strategies to keep up with, or better yet, stay ahead of the fray, including implementing best practices for promoting content. So, while you’re certainly free to do self-promotion by taking out ads in local newspapers, magazines, on television, or to share any content our GAVL team produces as you deem fit, we’ll promote content over your firm’s social media channels (as well as maintain those channels for you) if you’d like for us to do so and can optionally help with additional sources of paid promotion such as Facebook ads.

What steps do you take after posting content, if any?

We don’t exercise the post-it-and-forget it approach with the content we produce. Instead, we spend significant time monitoring a wide range of analytic dashboards, including Google Analytics, and stay in close contact with our law firm clients so that we can adjust our efforts accordingly to ensure it aligns with practice goals and continues to generate leads.

Search engines don’t stop comparing your law firm website, social media platforms, and other digital presences to your competitors, and we don’t either. That’s why when changes in laws, SEO best practices, and other factors call for it, we take note of them and perform unlimited edits on your content to ensure it remains primed and optimized so your clients have the most accurate information accessible to them and it continues to rank well.

How To Turn Readers Into Customers by Using GAVL’s Innovative Legal Content Marketing Solutions

Like any business, you have choices when it comes to choosing a legal content writing company to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level. Our GAVL digital marketing team has a longstanding track record of firms that have gone from having a virtually non-existent online presence to having a very active and highly-visible one. The legal content writing that we’ve produced for them has been effective at generating leads and turning readers into paying customers.

We want you to have the same success that the countless other law firms we’ve supported over the years have also had. We urge you to reach out to one of our GAVL sales specialists to share more about your practice so we can, in turn, let you know how our legal content writing services can amplify your practice’s reach.