Behind the GAVL: Loving Legal Marketing

Behind the GAVL

It’s time for another edition of our Behind the GAVL series! Our amazing team members are the blood and energy of GAVL. In this series, we’ll be asking our team a question and sharing their answers. They’ll share great insights about working for the company, the industry, and life in general.

Ready for a peek behind the GAVL?

Last week we asked our team to talk about what they love most about working in the legal marketing industry. Here are the answers they shared:


Ryan Raplee
Co-Founder & CEO

“The best part about working in the legal marketing industry is how competitive it is. After all these years, I still love what I do. I genuinely look forward to Mondays and starting a fresh week. There is never a boring day or week and the time flies by so fast. Now don’t get me wrong, the competitiveness and volatility of Google search has definitely hastened my hair loss and gray hair growth. ”


Lucas Hardgrave
Lead Content Writer

“I enjoy the unique challenges of working in the legal industry. We take information that’s often loaded with legal jargon and difficult for most people (including ourselves!) to understand, and turn it into information that’s more approachable and lets folks get they knowledge they need to make a very important phone call that could change their lives for the better.”


Justin Lutz
Social Media Manager

“After working many years in traditional advertising, I have to say that digital marketing is by far more superior in implementing, maintaining, and reporting. The immediacy and accuracy of results is very tangible. You have a better understanding of ROI in real-time instead of waiting for the latest Nielsen Report.”


Caitlin Lane
SEO Manager

“For me, the best part about working in the legal marketing industry is having the opportunity to continually meet new challenges head-on. There are no boring days—there is always something new to learn about it, evaluate, or take action on. And at the end of the day, I can’t think of anything more rewarding than helping people connect to the lawyers and information they need.”


Rhonda Jeffers
Content Writer

“I have always been a firm believer in helping others who are in need, and I enjoy seeking out different ways to do that in all aspects of my life. As for my role at GAVL, I always envision the end client before I set out to write legal practice pages or law firm blogs. I think of the content they would want to find when they’ve recently been in a car accident, found out that they received a misdiagnosis, or find themselves facing other potential legal issues. This plays a large role in guiding the content I write. Making that critical information more accessible to those in need is what motivates me to get up every day and continue to lend my research and writing talents to the legal marketing industry.”


Anna Kosta-Rodriguez
Content Writer

“Being relatively new to the legal industry in general, I can say that one of my favorite things about working in the legal marketing industry is learning about different laws and statutes for every state and situation. This knowledge makes it easier to create content that your average person understands, giving them the tools they need to seek the legal assistance they might require. I love helping other people, and by writing and creating what I do every day, I know that I’m helping lawyers to help others. That’s what I love about working with our stellar team at GAVL, we all strive to produce the best most informative content intended to help those who need it most.”


Perry Perkins
Content Writer

“What I love most about working in the legal marketing industry is really the same reason I enjoy writing in general. I love helping people find answers and information that makes their lives easier and more enjoyable.”


Theresa Carlson
Content Writer

“I love using my knowledge and skills in the legal field to help people find the support they need. Let’s face it: legal jargon is hard to understand even for the most well-educated person. Taking those terms and breaking them into easy-to-read content is one the best parts of this job. Plus, we get to be problem-solvers, helping people connect with skilled and experienced attorneys in the industry.”


Mischief Manager

*soft whines that come with a side of big, sad eyes and rocking gently from side to side like a dork* (loosely translates to: “Come onnn, get off the computer and let’s go outside to romp in the snow!”)