Cinematic Video Production for Law Firms

If you’re not taking full advantage of everything that online video has to offer your legal website, you’re missing out on an opportunity to attract new clients and tell your story in your own words.

At GAVL, we know that capturing the attention of clients in a busy online world is far from easy. Stunning, high-end videos will make your law firm stand a head above the rest.

Powerful Videos for Dynamic Law Firms


The legal industry is among the most competitive online markets. With GAVL’s law firm video production services, you can amplify your voice and your reach to gain new, meaningful leads. We take pride in our video creation process every step of the way, from our very first contact with law firms to post-production editing.

You don’t have to be a video expert to take advantage of all that online video has to offer. That’s what we’re here for.

Our Video Products

Our cinematography team has the technical skill, experience, and passion needed to create meaningful videos that will help potential clients connect with your law firm on a deeper level. At GAVL, we create a wide range of video products, including:

  • Brand videos
  • Practice area page videos
  • Blog videos
  • Client testimonial videos
  • Individual lawyer and staff member videos
  • FAQ videos

What do you get when outstanding law firms meet cinematographers who are passionate about their craft? Law firm marketing videos that you won’t find anywhere else. View our full video gallery here, or take a look at a sample of some of our clients’ videos below:

The Benefits of Adding Video Content

We know that internet users react positively to videos. The typical person remembers more of what they’ve watched than what they’ve read, and on-page videos have been shown to increase dwell time and improve the perceived quality of a page.

Let’s look at what the data has to say:

  • 89% of people have been convinced to buy services or products after watching a video.
  • 96% of people have taken the time to watch a video to learn more about services or products.
  • 91% of people want to see even more online videos from businesses and brands in the future.

Your target audience isn’t just hoping to see informative and educational videos on your site—they’re expecting it. GAVL’s high-end professional video production team is waiting to talk to you about how we can help meet those expectations.

Video Production, the GAVL Way

From pre-production meetings to on-site film schedules, we take care of everything. GAVL is a full-service law firm video production company focused on highlighting the services that you and your team offer.

The way we do things matters. Want to know more about how we take a great video concept to a high-quality final product? Let’s get into it.

The Beginning Process

Before we even think about our first shoot, we take some time to get to know you and your firm.

Every project will involve multiple conversations, often over video chat or by phone. We invite each and every law firm we work with to play an active and ongoing role in the creation process. With GAVL, you have the power to showcase the story of your firm in a way that makes the most sense to you.

Asking Meaningful Questions

Deciding what to talk about on camera can be hard. GAVL makes it easy.

We prepare meaningful on-camera questions ahead of time based on our conversations and research. You’ll never feel unsure of what to talk about or worry about what to discuss next, but at the same time, you’ll never feel like you have to only talk about what we’ve prepared ahead of time, either.

We Value Authenticity

We pride ourselves on the fact that we come prepared with ideas in place, but we never rely on scripts. If you happen to mention something everyone feels may make a great video, we’ll roll with that idea on the spot and flesh it out with your help. This on-the-spot creativity allows us to find what really makes lawyers passionate about what they do and bring those passions to life.

Some of the best, most informative content comes from when attorneys deviate from the script and are simply talking about what they feel interested in or are passionate about. We never stifle the creative directions our clients want to take.

We Travel to You

Your time is valuable. When we create videos, we’re the ones who travel to you. A camera crew and video production team will meet you wherever you are in the United States.

One of the most important aspects of law videos is authenticity, and that only comes from real on-location shoots. With our camera crew on location, we’ll shoot footage that tells a unique story about your law firm, who you are, and what you do in your local community.

GAVL Lets You Tell Your Story in Your Own Words

Our editing and film production doesn’t create your story—that’s what you do. GAVL aims to amplify your voice above the background noise, giving you a platform to share the story of your law office and legal career in your own words.

Why Choose GAVL for Legal Cinematic Video Production?

We Don’t Outsource the Hard Work

Unlike other video services, our in-house cinematography team doesn’t outsource any part of pre-production or post-production. GAVL is with you and your project through the entirety of its journey, from start to finish. When you hire our marketing firm to create a video for your law office, you can feel confident that you are getting the best personal attention possible.

Cinematic Video Production for Law Firms Is Our Passion

Law firm video production isn’t a hobby for us—it’s a passion. We know what works because we’ve dedicated ourselves to honing our craft in a way that few other video production companies can say they have.

We want to create masterful, educational, and engaging online video that amplifies the voices of lawyers, and we’re proud to be doing just that each and every day.

We’re Co-Founded by Lawyers, for Lawyers

We’re founded by four exceptional talents in the legal industry. Between running a successful web design and SEO company, rapidly growing successful law firms, educating thousands of lawyers through ongoing education, and serving as an elected official in one of the largest trial lawyer organizations in the world, our founders’ individual accomplishments show they know what it takes to not only succeed but to truly win against the competition.

Let GAVL Tell Your Firm’s Story

Basic video marketing is no longer an option. To make your voice heard above all of the other attorneys on the internet, you have to be willing to be bold, daring, and different. GAVL is here to make the transition to marketing videos easier.

Ready to talk about your law firm video production needs? Request a meeting with GAVL today. We can’t wait to discuss how we can meet your video and website marketing needs.