Behind the GAVL: The Drinks That Fuel

Behind the GAVL

It’s time for another edition of our Behind the GAVL series! Our amazing team members are the blood and energy of GAVL. In this series, we’ll be asking our team a question and sharing their answers. They’ll share great insights about working for the company, the industry, and life in general.

Ready for a peek behind the GAVL?

Last week we asked our team members to share their beverages of choice that fuel their work days:


Ryan Raplee
Co-Founder & CEO

“I drink a lot of Celsius, Coke Zero, and Mountain Dew Zero. Dabble in some water too, with fruit punch MiO drops. ”


Lucas Hardgrave
Lead Content Writer

“I start most days with coffee or cold brew, then switch over to soda. I did it. I said the bad word. Soooooodaaaaaaaa. Can’t seem to drop the little bubbles. I did, however, manage to mostly switch over to Pepsi Zero instead of the more surgery alternative, so I suppose I’ll take the sorta-soda victory?”


Justin Lutz
Social Media Manager

“2-3 cups of black coffee fuels my work day, and my days off. Coffee is mostly water, and water is life…”


Dario Valenzuela

“Easy, water. And cawfee, Guatemalan Cawfee.”


Caitlin Lane
SEO Manager

“I start every morning with either a cold brew coffee or a cup of black tea (Early Grey is the go-to). Then I switch to green tea in the afternoon, but on the odd occasion I have a Diet Coke. Most important is water, though!”


Rhonda Jeffers
Content Writer

“When it comes to a beverage that keeps me going throughout my workday, filtered water is my go-to. However, some days call for an espresso drink to keep productivity high.”


Anna Kosta-Rodriguez
Content Writer

“I can’t start my day or be productive without coffee. I always have about 2-3 cups by noonish and then stick to water or sparkling water after that.”


Perry Perkins
Content Writer

“American Breakfast Tea replaced coffee about 5 years ago.”


Theresa Carlson
Content Writer

“I run on Dunkin Donuts coffee with extra creamer. I like to start my day on a sugar and caffeine rush. After that wears off, it’s usually water for the rest of the day.”


Mischief Manager

*splash splash slobber slobber splash sploosh snarf* (loosely translates to: “Oh, sorry, did the cat want water? Bowl empty now. And I have more drool fuel!”)