About GAVL

They say that with passion, all things become possible. At GAVL, we know this to be true. Our company started with three professionals and their seemingly different passions: A trial lawyer and his passion for the legal industry, an experienced web developer and his passion for website design and SEO management, and a legal technology entrepreneur and his passion for innovation. After sharing a few ideas, we realized that by combining our passions, we could help law firms around the nation be discovered and communicate better to their clients and potential clients across digital mediums. Shortly after that, Legal InSites was born.

Over the years, we’ve grown as a company and acquired amazing talent that has helped us increase our service offerings to clients and truly give them the whole website and media package. GAVL Video was created with the intention to help law firms define themselves through cinematic videos we craft for them. It’s been a dream come true for us to see how satisfied our clients are with the stunning videos we’ve been able to create. It’s also been our pleasure to be able to create videos for American Association for Justice.

In 2023, we decided to launch a joint venture between GAVL Video, LLC and Legal InSites, LLC to continue serving our clients under one name: GAVL. Our goal at GAVL is to provide high-quality, reliable web development, search engine optimization, social media management, and cinematic video creation services to the legal community. We don’t deal with any other industry. Our focus is on law firms and only law firms. We’re here to help you craft your unique, individual story, share it with the world, and show you who’s listening.

Below you’ll see a brief history and timeline of company events that have shaped us into who we are today:


MAY 2016

Legal InSites, LLC is Founded

Ryan Raplee, Tad Thomas, and the late Kevin McCarthy launch Legal InSites, LLC. Lucas Hardgrave joins the team as lead content writer.

MARCH 2020

GAVL Video, LLC is Founded

Ryan Raplee, Tad Thomas, and Mike Campbell launch GAVL Video, LLC.

APRIL 2020

Lawyer Minds, LLC is Founded

Ryan Raplee, Tad Thomas, and Mike Campbell launch Lawyer Minds, LLC.

JUNE 2023

Legal InSites, LLC and GAVL Video, LLC enter a joint venture to form GAVL

After a successful 7 years of Legal InSites, LLC and 3 years of GAVL Video, LLC we have decided that the best path forward to better help our clients is to market our premier digital marketing services and cinematic storytelling as a single entity.