Behind the GAVL: Summer Vibes

It’s time for another edition of our Behind the GAVL series! Our amazing team members are the blood and energy of GAVL. In this series, we’ll be asking our team a question and sharing their answers. They’ll share great insights about working for the company, the industry, and life in general.

Ready for a peek behind the GAVL?

Last week we asked our team members about their favorite ways to relax and unwind during the summer:


Ryan Raplee
Co-Founder & CEO

“I enjoy sitting by the pool with a nice cigar and bourbon in hand. Tough to beat.”


Lucas Hardgrave
Lead Content Writer

“I’m always a night owl, but during the summer, I basically go full vampire mode and stay cool inside during the day and only go foraging outside when it’s dark, peaceful, and less icky. Fireflies at dusk is my favorite pairing of summer. Only bested by ice cream and hot fudge.”


Justin Lutz
Social Media Manager

“I like to go on road trips to try new restaurants, look at landmarks, go to shows, find records and antiques, and see new things.”


Caitlin Lane
SEO Manager

“Growing up, nothing could beat a day at the pool during the summer. And that still holds true today! I love spending as much time as possible at the pool with my family, and it’s even better with shaved ice or boba tea after. When I’m not swimming, I’m spending as much time indoors as possible to escape the desert heat, usually at my local game shop. But there is also something very magical about late evening walks in the summer with the steady hum of cicadas all around.”


Luke Potadle
WordPress Developer

“I like to go to the lake near my house with my son and throw rocks in the water until his arm is too tired to throw anymore.”


Rhonda Jeffers

“I’m really into energy healing and there’s not a time when I need it more than when it’s muggy and hot outside. It (along with guided meditations and mindfulness) keeps me feeling my best (centered) when the extreme heat and humidity are doing their best to drag me down and have me only think about them and how icky/unwell they can make you feel.”


Perry Perkins
Content Writer

“For me, it’s a remote cabin (no wi-fi, electricity optional) near a fishing hole, with a good book or two.”


Theresa Carlson
Content Writer

“Since it’s hot and swampy, I usually hibernate for the next couple of months. I like to hit the pool to cool off, but most of my time is spent in the air conditioning, catching up on projects or TV shows.”


Rick Bitzelberger
Content Writer

“I think I might pick up a real book. The kind you have to turn pages and not scroll. I hope I remember how…”


Mischief Manager

*bark! bark! bark! pantpantpant* (loosely translates to: “Relax? Wut dat? You mean rolling around in the grass and dirt with the bugs? I LOVE DAT.”)