Law Firm Blog Content

When it comes to law firm websites, they could stand to give their legal blog a little more attention. Why? One statistic shared by Ahrefs highlights how as much as 77% of all internet users read blog content. What’s more, evidence shows that blogging can significantly impact site ranking factors.

If you have experience reading legal blogs in which legal professionals have shared current events, advice or tips to follow in certain situations, and other types of content, which we discuss in depth below, it probably makes plenty of sense how a lawyer can be a blogger and the potential value of being one. However, if you’ve long had a website that doesn’t have a blog, it may seem a bit hard to grasp the value of having one and how you could be missing out on reaching potential clients by not having one.

Publishing just any blog post on your website isn’t good enough of a goal, though. Having a sound strategy is critical if you want what you publish to rank highly in the search results so you can attract more clients. The legal marketers that comprise GAVL have extensive experience writing law firm blog content that converts, and we are confident in our ability to do the same for you. Continue reading to learn more about our creative process so you can better determine if our offerings can potentially improve your marketing efforts, giving you that added edge over the competition.

Benefits Associated With Law Firm Blogging

Here are some of the benefits associated with having a regularly-updated blog on a law firm’s website:

Blogs Keep Your Site’s Content Fresh

Search engines regularly crawl websites looking at various factors, such as subject matter authority and helpfulness, and also the recency of posts, as discussed by Google when it announced its Query Loves Freshness algorithm update. Consistency is key.

Having regularly scheduled days and times at which you post content on your law firm blog can ultimately have a positive impact on your site’s rankings.

“Freshness” doesn’t just end with posting new blogs on a regular basis, though. It’s also important to revisit existing posts and update the most highly ranked ones frequently, as well.

Blogs Help You Get in Front of a Receptive Audience

Readers visit blogs for a wide range of reasons. For example, some people just beginning to consider their legal options may come to your law firm blog expecting to find information on what initial steps to take in their predicament. As another example, current clients may read posts we write and publish for you in hopes of learning about additional community resources accessible to them.

While some individuals may simply use the information you provide and never engage with your law firm, there’s a strong chance they may at least consider it. Blogs are an excellent way to get in front of a warm audience who may ultimately decide they need your assistance.

Blogs Give You Permission To Explore a Narrower Practice Area

Some topics require more of an explanation than others. It can be challenging to cover all those nuances on an overview-style practice area page. A law firm blog post can give us that prime opportunity to expand on your practice pages and deep dive into the nuts-and-bolts aspect of how certain types of cases are handled in your specific jurisdiction.

Blogs Grow Online Visibility

A law firm’s blog content is often more “shareable” than other text on its website as it usually covers a specific topic and has a more conversational tone. This is why law firms share their blog posts on social media, as our team at GAVL often does for the ones we work with. This “shareability” has the potential of leading others to share inbound links to your posts on their pages, thus leading to increased traffic to your site.

Blogs Allow for a Display of Subject Matter Expertise

Competency is what consumers look for when reviewing an attorney’s website. A lawyer who shares their expertise in practice areas can significantly increase consumer perception compared to firms that don’t blog. Search engines pay close attention to how informative content is. This, along with the overall page link structure, affects the authority score a site receives and, thus, its organic ranking results.

Blogs Increase Readers’ Dwell Time on Your Site

The more high-quality legal content you have on your webpage, the more likely it is that site users will linger on it. As you might surmise, the longer they engage with your content, the more opportunities you have to reach them with messages about how you can help them in the predicament they’re in. The process of drawing a prospect in is referred to as nurturing a lead, and is critical to converting them into a client.

Law Firm Blogs Give Prospective Clients a Perception of Approachability

Reaching out to a lawyer for help can be intimidating for some; however, your website can break down some of those barriers that make some individuals reticent to reach out for help. Your blog and, more specifically, its tone is critical to making clients feel like you and your staff are approachable, and thus, they can feel comfortable working with you. The inclusion of vignettes on your blog that mirror situations existing clients have found themselves in, and the showcasing your handling of similar cases, can also shape how someone in need of help perceives your firm.

While this is far from a comprehensive list of the benefits of law firms having blogs, hopefully, it sheds light on some untapped potential that blogging can have in helping to grow your practice.

We Make Blogging Easy

When we initially speak with potential customers and inquire about successes they’ve had in implementing marketing techniques in the past, the lawyers we speak with often tell us that starting a legal blog is something they’ve considered doing but just haven’t gotten around to yet. When we’ve discussed impediments that have made it difficult to initiate blog writing, it generally came down to having difficulty coming up with ideas to write about. When you work with the legal marketing team at GAVL, all of this is taken care of for you.

One of the most popular types of blog posts our legal marketing team writes are pieces that answer questions within a practice area that also align with clients they want to attract. These question-and-answer (Q&A) blog posts can take on various forms and can help potential clients in a variety of ways.

We also commonly write and publish blogs about these topics for clients:

  • New statutes, the repealing of existing laws, and changes in regulations: Laws, rules, and regulations are everchanging. Potential clients look favorably upon firms that share changing employment, criminal, personal injury, bankruptcy, and family laws that may directly impact them.
  • A particularly notable settlement or verdict in a case: Personal injury attorneys often like to share when they’ve won a particularly sizeable award against a high-powered defendant, as this demonstrates their ability to handle other complex cases. It may also be a good idea to write about popular federal or statewide case verdicts and discuss how those verdicts can impact others potentially looking to file a claim.
  • A persuasive argument you may have made in front of a high court: For some litigators, it’s a rare occurrence to be able to present a case in front of a higher court judge or judicial panel like the Court of Appeals, U.S. District Court, or a state or federal Supreme Court, and something you may want to memorialize and share with others on your blog.
  • Current events stories discussing peripheral issues related to your practice: Share information that is tangential to the area of law you practice in, thus generating interest among target audiences. Share information from a recently published governmental report about roadways with high accident rates, the impending decriminalization of marijuana, case studies, and higher court rulings in appellate cases that may impact decisions lower court judges make.
  • Firm news: Many of the law practices we write blogs for wish to highlight the opening of new offices or hiring of new attorneys as their offices grow, appointments to leadership roles in professional organizations, or honors like inclusion on local attorney award lists. Posts that highlight a firm’s community involvement are also popular.

Of course, the blog topics outlined above are only a few of many ideas our legal marketers have experience writing about on behalf of our clients. We’re certainly open to writing additional posts that may enhance your brand recognition among your target audience and consequently help drive traffic to your law firm’s website.

What Our GAVL Attorney Blogging Services Include

In the previous section, we hinted at our flexibility in terms of blog post topics we cover for law firms. Here at GAVL, we are also flexible in that we offer different blogging packages that allow you to decide how much fresh content you want to add to your law firm’s website monthly. No matter which plan you go with, you can expect us to offer the following at each tier of our attorney blogging service:

  • Timely coverage of trending and other topics relevant to the practice areas your law firm specializes in
  • For each blog post to be search engine optimized for high search, low competition keywords or keyword phrases (what Search Engine Journal refers to as the “holy grail SEO“)
  • The crafting of compelling titles or headlines that your readers can’t help but click on
  • Blogs drafted with an approachable, conversational tone instead of being riddled with heavy amounts of legal jargon that potential clients find challenging to understand
  • Content written for humans that provides valuable information and sticks to users’ search intent (which aligns with Google’s Helpful Content update) instead of exclusively for search engines
  • Prioritization of readability, which means we write short paragraphs and sentences, using numbered and bulleted lists when listing a few tips to take in a certain situation, and strategically introducing sub-headers as we break down blog post content into bite-sized pieces
  • The creation or sourcing and inclusion of imagery, graphics, tables, video, voice and other resources in the law firm blogs as it makes sense for enhancing the user experience or amplifying your site’s overall ranking

Why Law Firm Blogging Services by GAVL Is the Right Choice for Growing Your Law Firm

One detail that sets us at GAVL apart from other digital marketing firms is likely obvious based on what you’ve read on our website thus far—we exclusively work with law firm clients. We pride ourselves on being extremely attentive to our clients’ needs and wants. While we’re completely comfortable and confident with blog topic ideation and pitching those ideas to you for approval before we start writing, we’re completely fine with you giving us a specific topic you want us to write about in a post as well—whenever you like. When a request is made regarding an especially time-sensitive topic, we’ll do our best to get that content out as quickly as possible.

Also, while we follow The Associated Press (AP) Stylebook and SEO best practices as far as style and word choice are concerned, we understand you may have certain linguistic preferences, or some language usage may be more widely accepted or utilized in certain jurisdictions compared to others. We’re glad to incorporate your requests when we write a blog post for your firm too. After all, our legal blog writing team is here to support you!

And lastly, if one of the impediments to you getting into blogging is a concern about publishing and promoting your blog post, we have you covered. We use a wide range of online tools and white hat techniques (ones that don’t break SEO rules) that improve your content’s organic ranking, approaches that amount to self-promotion on autopilot. However, we also take proactive measures to generate interest in your posts and, consequently, your firm, including sharing your blogs on different platforms, including your social media accounts and even as invited guests in practice or law-related public forums.

If you’re considering hosting a blog on your website to further establish your firm’s authority, there’s no better time to get started than now. It can take time to build up enough well-written blog content to gain significant traction in search engines. So, reaching out to us about our blogging services right away is the first step in the right direction to keeping your existing audience informed and adding new readers that have a strong likelihood of becoming clients to the mix.