Legal InSites Becomes a Yext Certified Partner

Legal InSites becomes Certified Yext Partner

In order to be competitive in local SEO, you need a consistent and accurate NAP (Name, Address, and Phone) wherever your business is listed. We call these citations.

Inaccurate citations can make it very difficult to outrank your competition, especially if they’re crushing it or you simply have a lot of competition as most lawyers do. Google and other search engines don’t want to show your business in search results if they can’t trust that your office is actually there.

Ensuring the accuracy of citations can be a VERY daunting, stressful task that never ends. The websites that list your business are constantly changing, pulling in new data from other sources, and trying to become better. The problem is that they oftentimes correct their listings with information that’s not correct. You can’t build these citations and then forget about them. They need to be vigilantly checked and fixed when issues pop up.

Which leads me to our announcement:

Yext Certified Partner Badge

Legal InSites has become a Yext Certified Partner.

When it comes to managing local listings on the internet’s top websites, Yext is the best. They integrate directly to more than 70 websites— not just Google, Bing, Facebook, Yahoo, and Yelp. Every website in their network has a purpose, and through testing, they’ve found that these citations have the most influence.

Yext allows us to manage and lock your listings on these sites in one system. They have direct access that ensures your data is correct. If you do need to change something, it’s easy to do so, across all 70+ listings.

Yext even allows us to suppress duplicate listings, which is another game changer. If you’ve ever changed a phone number, moved your office, or changed your law firm’s name, you more likely than not have multiple listings on some of these websites. With Yext, we can get rid of them. Good luck removing them the manual way.

Yext has also just filed for an IPO.

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