How Blogs Help Deliver Unique Content and Boost SEO

Keeping up with blog posts is a job that’s never finished. No matter how far ahead you get in your work, there’s always a blog post you could write. While it may seem overwhelming at times to maintain a blogging schedule, you’re adding valuable content to your website that may be doing more for you than you realize.

How could a bunch of short blogs help you? You’re producing new content, staying up to date, and sharing information. While this means you’ll have to think of fresh ideas a few times each month, consistent content shows your knowledge and dependability to your audience.

Blogs Offer Content Variety

Your blogs allow you to combine information and creativity in shorter posts that are released on a regular basis. Think of it as a space to branch out and write whatever you want about your business. If you had to take a small section out of a main page on your site because it didn’t quite fit, you could make it a blog post. You can take advantage of this opportunity to tailor your blog topics to exact needs.

  • Answer Specific Questions. Sometimes you can’t get into every facet of a topic on one page. Blogs let you answer questions in a succinct and focused manner.
  • Discuss Current Events. Legal news, case updates, or technology news make great blogs because they give your audience current information and show that you’re invested in continuing your education about the topic.
  • Promote Sponsorships. If your firm is sponsoring an event in your community, make it into a short blog. This shows your firm’s involvement and gives the event more coverage.
  • Show Personality. When people are looking at businesses, they may take personality into account. Your blog is the perfect opportunity to give brief snapshots of your firm, whether it’s a blog about a lawyer’s accomplishments, a local sponsorship, or a local favorite restaurant or hangout.

Your blogs are an opportunity to branch out into the various facets that make your firm uniquely yours. If you’re stuck on what you should write about, you could look at your topic and think of any questions you would have if you were looking at it from another angle. Chances are others are wondering those same questions.

When writing blogs, make sure they’re easy to read. You’re not writing academia, (which should come as a relief for most), so you should keep your language simple. Your blogs should follow these key points:

  • They’re Scannable. Would you stay on a page if all you saw was a big wall of text? Probably not. Bulleted or numbered lists are a great way to break down your information and give your audience somewhere to focus their attention.
  • They’re as Long as They Need to Be. Don’t feel restricted by word count when writing blogs. They can either be short or long, but they should always be as long as they need to be to include all the necessary information.
  • They Utilize Links. This is where SEO comes in. Don’t neglect a chance to toss in a free internal link.

Blogs Boost SEO

A consistent blog schedule does more than put additional content on your site–it can also help boost your rankings in search engines. By consistently writing high quality, in-depth, and engaging blogs within the same niche and category, this begins to boost, in combination with other things such as backlinks, the overall authority search engines like Google see when they crawl and index your firm’s website.

When generating rankings, these are some of the things Google considers: “What content on the internet that’s currently indexed in Google answers the user’s query the best? Does the website that’s housing the content have authority in the topic? Does the overall website provide a great user experience?” As you build authority, you build rankings.

Keywords are also an essential part of the authority equation. Write each blog with a focus keyword and query (this is the question you’re answering) in mind and don’t be afraid to do something unique. Your ultimate goal should be to write something that’s good enough for others to want to share, talk about, and link back to. If you’re able to create content that brings in new backlinks, your site’s authority will climb considerably.

Be careful to maintain a quality blog that’s well-written and informative. While SEO is the main reason to write blogs, your audience will be more inclined to visit your site if you hold your blogs to a high standard.

If you’re considering whether or not to write blogs each month, the benefits are worth the time. You’re offering more information and increasing your chances of someone clicking to your site. At Legal InSites, we understand the value of continuously producing high-quality content and strive to improve with each step. If you have any questions or need help improving your law firm website’s content writing, please feel free to get in touch with us.