Legal InSites Gives Back: K’s for Cancer

Many families know what it’s like for a loved one to receive a cancer diagnosis. In these times, it’s important for the community to band together and how show support in any way it can. That’s why Legal InSites raised funds to support K’s for Cancer, a public charity that provides support to cancer patients and their families in Lycoming County.

K’s for Cancer was created in memory of Justin Flannery Hilton. They provide financial aid to cancer patients who are experiencing the physical and financial effects of cancer treatment. In addition to providing relief to families, K’s for Cancer also donates money to cancer research to help improve the lives of cancer patients.

During the Little League World Series Parade and Williamsport Welcomes the World, the team at Legal InSites sold custom pins to the crowd. The pin design incorporated the year, our logo, and also referenced our Official Partners at the Williamsport Crosscutters. While many avid pin collectors were excited to make a fine addition to their collections, even more connected with the cause and donated, knowing the money was going to a worthy charity that would provide much-needed relief to families.

In total, Legal InSites raised $1,200 for K’s for Cancer.

“Giving back is important to us. K’s for Cancer supports families who need it most. They’re doing fantastic work and we were happy to help them in any way possible. The Williamsport and Little League communities responded in such a positive way—everyone pulled together to make an impact that will help families in Lycoming County.”

-Ryan Raplee, Legal InSites Co-founder & CEO.

Do you want to help support K’s for Cancer? There are events throughout the year that citizens can participate in and donations are always accepted. Check out their Facebook page for more details.

Legal InSites is proud to be a part of Williamsport and assist local charities that improve the lives of its citizens.  We’re already looking forward to the next way we can serve our community.