It’s All About the Feels

It's all about the feels

I’ll be the first to tell you, I love what I do. Every day I get the pleasure of helping law firms grow their practice through effective digital marketing. Every time I hear a client success story it drives me to work harder and get better at what I do.

We recently signed up a new client who’d heard about the success another one of our clients was having through search engine optimization (SEO). This new client had been with another web design and SEO agency for a couple of years with no results. When I first checked out the lawyer’s website I was blown away by some of the issues that should never have existed in the first place. We’re talking up to 7 H1 tags on a page, titles that weren’t localized, inaccurate addresses, extremely thin content, and many more fundamental issues.

Oh yeah, and this website had over 100 hidden spam blog posts that had been there for 6 months, all indexed into Google. All of this happened while the client was working with another agency who was actively monitoring and supposedly “maintaining” the website. Unfortunately we see this type of thing way too often, and frankly, it sucks.

Last week we rolled out dozens of SEO changes for this client along with optimized pages, fresh, high quality written content for the law firm’s practice areas, internal linking, etc. Within 24 hours we received an email that made me pause for a moment and smile from ear to ear. Our client said, “Just an FYI. I just received my first ever personal injury call today from the website. I expected it to be a referral, but the potential client told me she Googled some variation of “malpractice” and I was the first to pop up.”

Incredible, right? That was the law firm’s first ever lead from their website that had been online for years. That specific search term wasn’t anywhere close to the first page on Google the day before.

That really felt good. My team and I had the opportunity to make a difference by doing what we do. It’s all about the feels.

By the way, if you’re wondering how to stop situations like this from happening to your law firm, I’d like to share a great resource we recently published. Ask your current or prospective SEO provider/digital marketing agency these 5 questions, and you’ll quickly learn whether or not they can actually help you.

Thanks for listening! I promise my next post will be more technical. For now, head over to the AAJ’s website and read an article Legal InSites’ Co-Founder and awesome trial lawyer, Tad Thomas, and I wrote titled “What’s Wrong with my Website?“.

Disclaimer: This kind of overnight, drastic change doesn’t happen often.