Help Legal InSites Heal Kids in Need

Help Legal InSites Heal Kids in Need

At Legal InSites, there’s nothing we enjoy more than helping law firms and lawyers reach out to new clients who are in need of legal services. When we get a chance to help bridge those crucial first connections that help families recover from tragedy and get back on their feet again, that’s when we feel most victorious.

There are other times we feel victorious, too. When we’re not busy developing new website designs, content, and SEO/social media strategies to help lawyers meet new clients, some of our team members enjoy feeling victorious in the video games we play. Yeah, we’re not ashamed to admit it! The Legal InSites team has gamers on it.

We play a bit of everything—from popular MMORPGs to indie RPGs, interactive story-based games, competitive shooters, and more. Some of us even first met and started working together while playing and producing web-based fan content for Trion Worlds’ MMORPG entitled RIFT. We’re proof that sometimes the best career-related connections are formed in places you may not expect. And yep, that’s another victory!

Speaking of victories, the 5th of November is a big day in hundreds of gaming circles around the nation. That’s the date of this year’s Extra Life event—a charity fundraising event where gamers across the U.S. spend 24 hours gaming to raise money to help kids in local Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.

For the fourth year in a row, our very own co-founder and CTO, Ryan Raplee, is taking part in Extra Life this November. He has big goals this year—he’s looking to raise $1,500 for the Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital. Last year he came quite close and raised over $1,000. This year, well, it’s time to up the ante!

We’d appreciate your help donating to the cause. The children who benefit from any funds we raise will have an easier time getting the medical treatments and medications they need to battle cancer, cystic fibrosis, and other serious injuries and illnesses. Extra Life has given an extraordinary amount of over $22 million total to help children’s hospitals purchase critical healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment, and research tools to provide a better quality of care.

All donations are tax-deductible and all proceeds go to help kids in need. Visit Ryan’s Extra Life page to learn more or help donate to the cause.

Thanks for reading! Oh, and hey, if anyone out there happens to be playing World of Warcraft: Legion and is looking for a low-key, work schedule-friendly raid group, hit up either Laura or Ryan. We’re out to prove that professionals can kick ass at work plus kick ass in video games. So far, we’ve claimed victory in both departments.