Journeying Into 2017 After an Extraordinary 2016

Journeying into 2017 after an extraordinary first year

2017 is almost upon us, and that means it’s time to look back– but also look forward. Let’s look back at 2016 for a moment. In 9 short months, we’ve grown a company from the ashes with zero clients to a thriving and growing clientele. We’ve won awards that showcase excellence in web design: the prestigious Marcom Award and the Davey Award. Our team has even spoken at conferences and given CLE-earning webinars.

Every client we’ve worked with thus far has shown great growth in organic search traffic, higher rankings, and an increase in leads through our web design, SEO, content writing, and social media services. Legal InSites has proven to each client the power of having a properly organized and executed digital marketing plan. Nothing gets us more excited than a client calling us unexpectedly to truly thank us for helping them grow their company at a pace they didn’t know was possible. It’s awesome.

Thank you to our incredible clients who decided to give us a chance. You let us prove that we not only know what we’re talking about, but that we can achieve great results and execute at a high level. You made 2016 an extraordinary year.

2017 should be a very interesting year. There is the never-ending roller coaster of Google algorithm and index changes (hello mobile first index) to look forward to, new advances in web technology, changes in social media, and probably 100 other expected and unexpected things we may not always anticipate but will always be able to tackle confidently and expertly. This is why we’re in this business, after all. We love to take on new challenges and see them to the top. Our clients will receive nothing but our best.

We’re building something special here. We’d love for you and your firm to join us on this exciting journey in 2017. Let us overhaul your website and turn it into a lead-generating machine.

Happy New Year,

Ryan, Tad, Laura, and Bridget