Celebrating 2 Years of Helping Law Firms Grow

It’s time for another milestone. Tomorrow Legal InSites is TWO YEARS OLD! It’s a really big deal.

Year 2 for the agency was all about growing our clientele while maintaining high-quality standards in all service areas. No easy feat, but we crushed it. I mean really crushed it.

We crushed it so hard we grew the team to 5 and went team building in Las Vegas:

Now we’re looking to grow the team to 7 (we’re hiring).

We won a few more web design awards and wrote amazing content that helped set new organic search traffic records for clients month after month.

We couldn’t have done it without our team of all stars. Laura, Tess, and Anna all bring something unique to the table and do exceptional work for our clients with no signs of slowing down. You guys are awesome.

I asked my Co-Founder of Legal InSites, Tad Thomas, his thoughts on our first 2 years of business together:

“I could say something like, ‘I never knew it was going to be this successful.’  But, the fact of the matter is that I had a pretty good idea that it would be. Partnering with Ryan in Legal InSites was a no-brainer given his talents at both design and SEO. Time flies when you’re having fun.”

I’m beyond flattered. Tad is more than a business partner and friend, he’s a mentor to all of us on the team.

I then asked Laura Hardgrave, Lead Content Writer, who’s been with us since day 1, her thoughts:

“When asked what I do for a living, I’m always proud to say that I get to partake in writerly magic while helping clients tell their stories and climb to greater heights. Every day, I’m thankful I get to do something I love with the most awesome bunch of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

Has it been two years already? Every time we launch a new client site, I’m reminded of just how far we’ve come in such a short time. Each new site launch is a personal highlight for me, because those launches serve as landmarks—starting points, if you will—that begin as small trails that wind onward and upward towards great mountains and great things. Every new start brings with it the promise of bold objectives and goals our team is happy to take on and overcome. I’m proud to work with such a talented team, and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish next.”

Be proud, Laura. Well done.

Let’s talk about our clients for a moment. We have incredible clients.

Not every marketing agency can say they enjoy every client they work with. We can. Great clients make everything easier.

Starting an agency has been my dream and primary professional goal in life since I was a kid. It’s not only happening, it’s thriving.

Now let’s crush year 3. We’re as hungry and motivated as ever.

Thank you,
Ryan Raplee
Co-Founder & CEO