Employee Spotlight: Justin Lutz, Social Media Specialist

Justin is the social media specialist for Legal InSites. He creates and maintains clients’ active social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to regularly share new site content, blog posts, and local news that will help build an online reputation to acquire an entirely organic follower base establishing new connections. On a weekly basis, he follows professionals, organizations, colleagues, and competitors that may result in reputation growth or express interest in connecting with the clients.

Furthermore, Justin maintains and oversees our client’s Facebook ads to increase engagement, clicks, likes, and followers. The main goal is to keep a strong presence on social media as a legal resource sharing information and articles related to law, personal injury, and legal matters to keep their audiences’ informed acting as a reliable law news resource, and to always be there if and when needed.

Justin also assists with SEO by maintaining clients’ weekly Google My Business posts, photos, office information, and more. While following and reviewing reliable social media sources, Justin sends the writing team blog ideas. Plus, he assists with a social media presence and outreach of/for Lawyer Minds, a website of interviews, articles, and podcasts from the brightest minds in the legal industry.

Justin is a Penn State graduate who has worked in traditional advertising for over 15 years. Working at Legal InSites in digital marketing since January 2019, he is relieved to no longer deal with media reps, printers, mail houses, and co-op approvals.

“After working in digital marketing for almost 2 years now, I don’t know how I ever survived the ‘traditional’ way for so long. With real-time reports, I have a new saying, ‘Good-bye Nielsen Reports. Hello Agency Analytics.’ I am more than happy to be with such a great company and wonderful, intelligent colleagues. I look forward to our company’s bright future.”

In his spare time, Justin is a musician actively writing and recording music. He was recently included on a compilation of international artists. He is a published black-and-white photographer and has had his original music used for/in commercials, non-profit PSAs, and documentaries. He collects vinyl records. He likes to travel, see live music, and enjoys all things food related. He enjoys spending quality time with his girlfriend, her son, and their cats.