New Design for Coming Soon?

Is there a new design for on the way?

It seems we may be seeing a subtle, new design for sooner than later. Some members of Reddit are reporting a new redesign “test”. The new design only seems to be available for certain web users so far which may confirm its testing status. Google hasn’t made an announcement regarding the redesign at the time of writing this article.

The redesign is in-line with the company’s visual design techniques which are part of Google’s Material Design. The changes, rather subtle, are noticeable when comparing two screenshots.

Here’s what the Google search results page currently looks like:

Current version of's search results page

Thanks to The Next Web for the above screenshot.

As you can see, a lot hasn’t changed, but there are a few differences in particular that are interesting to note. Each search listing appears in a separate white “box” or “card”. This makes the individual listings much easier to see and distinguish from one another. The page’s background is also light grey instead of white, similar to how Google Now appears.

Additionally, there’s a new three-dot navigation button on the upper-right side of the page. This takes the place of the old “Settings” cog icon. This is similar to what we’ve become accustomed to seeing on most mobile websites. Both changes, non-coincidentally, seem to be made to help the new design for be easier to navigate and read across mobile devices.

It’s difficult to say when the above changes will take affect for the entire web, but it’s safe to say it won’t be too much longer before Google rolls out its new design.