Become a Link Building Hero For Your Law Firm

Link Building Hero

Let’s talk about link building. A backlink is any hyperlink on a website that links to your website. Link building is the means of acquiring the backlinks/links.

If you want your law firm to rank high in Google, you need links from other websites pointing to your firm’s website. Think of backlinks as a way for Google and other search engines to gauge the credibility and influence of your website and its content.

Simple, right?

Years ago it was, but not anymore. It didn’t matter where your links came from, they could be spam driven and automated into every guest book and blog comment section of the internet. Since the release of major Google algorithm updates, the times have changed. Now we need to focus on quality over quantity, which makes things more difficult.

On top of that, it’s even more difficult to build links in the legal industry compared to many other industries. We’re trying to sell a legal service that many people hope they never need and don’t necessarily want to talk about or read about until they need it. We’re not selling a product that we could send to 100 journalists for a product review and link to the product on our website. What does this mean? It means we have to be creative in our approach and always be seeking unique opportunities that aren’t readily available to our competitors. It’s a hard task, but necessary.

Legal InSites is a digital marketing agency, and just like every other good agency out there, we build links for our SEO clients. However, we shouldn’t be building links alone. Getting on the first page of Google can take a long time as it is. Even more so if the law firm website we’re trying to rank is located in a large city with a lot of competition. When clients start getting excited about links the same way we do, it improves their success rate and the time it takes to achieve their goals.

It’s Time to Become a Link Building Hero

I want you to be as excited about link building as Clark Griswald is about seeing his Christmas lights turn on! I want your mindset to change from never thinking about links to always thinking about them.

Here are some great examples:

  • The next time the local kickball team asks for a sponsorship, ask them if they have a website. If they do, ask for a link.
  • The next time you provide a news outlet a quote to be used in an article about a case you’re working on, ask for a link.
  • The next time you get asked to donate money to an event, ask for a link.
  • The next time you get asked to donate money to a charity, ask for a link.
  • The next time you see an opportunity in your community to sponsor an event, do it and then ask for a link.
  • The next time you see an opportunity to publish an article on a website, do it and then ask for a link.
  • The next time you’re listed as a board member of an organization’s website, ask for a link.
  • The next time you help someone with legal issues for free, ask if they have a website. If they do, you guessed it! Ask for a link.

Now, think about if you’ve done any of the above in the past. Go ask for a link.

Even if a website hasn’t given others a link, still ask. Even if you don’t think they will get you a link, still ask. Build relationships with any reporter or journalist you know. Help them and then ask for a link.

You get it, ask for a link. Always ask for a link.

You will be told no. Do not be discouraged. Say no problem, thank you, and move on. If you have any questions please get in touch. We’re here to help.