At GAVL, we provide SEO services and create custom websites, content, cinematic videos, and social media campaigns for attorneys and law firms just like yours. In fact, all of our clients are law firms and attorneys.

Below, you’ll find links to guides we have created that go over the basic approach we take to each of the different types of law firms we provide services for and their marketing needs. Every type of firm has unique digital marketing needs. We customize our services and offerings to every firm to ensure you get our best work 100% of the time.

Personal Injury

Personal injury lawyer marketing is tough. To reach the widest audience, you have to nail SEO and you have to nail it hard. Whether you’re a private practice looking to maximize your market or a larger firm looking to expand into other geographical areas, GAVL has the experience to work with you to figure out the perfect SEO and website plan and execute that plan to the best of our abilities.

Criminal Defense

If you’re a criminal defense attorney looking to take on more cases or expand into new types of cases, you need a criminal defense lawyer marketing plan that’s on your side for years to come.

Employment Law

Employment lawyer marketing is currently an expanding area of the legal industry. In order to stay ahead of the pack, you need an SEO and content strategy that stays one step ahead of your competition.

Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy lawyer marketing is often a challenge, especially in large cities. GAVL is prepared to take on your specific challenge and help you succeed.

Family Law

Long gone are the days when law firms specializing in family law didn’t have to be overly concerned with marketing themselves. If your family law marketing plan needs to be modernized to take your firm to new heights, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.